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Frequently asked questions EASYWOOD

What are the costs of manufacturing a GLT frame house?

The price of the GLT house frame is from 200 - 400 euros/m2.

What is included in this price?

This price include : Development of production and assembly drawings, fasteners, production of GLT panels and construction parts according to project.

What are the costs for GLT hangars?

The price of GLT hangar bearing structures is from 110 euros/m2.

What period of time should be expected to build GLT frame house?

The production of GLT panels in the factory takes an average of 1 -2 months.

House assembly of the object up to 10 days. Larger objects could take longer.

Do you offer turnkey development of a house or hangar project?

Yes, we offer such a service. Considering the growing demand, we recommend making reservations for house construction in time. We offer assembly only on the territory of Latvia


Do you prepare documents for the construction board?

No, this one an architect will have to be involved, who will develop the house project and submit the necessary documents.

Do you have ready projects?

Ready-made house projects can be viewed here - Ready-made house projects

The standard hangar solution can be viewed here - Hangars.  A project will be required. 


Is it possible to transport the house?

Houses can be transported.

Width <3.5 m - without accompanying transport, 3.5 - 5 m with accompanying transport, over 5 m project coordination and police escort are required.

Up to 15 m in length at a height of 3.60 m, up to 12.30 m at a height of 4.20 m. This concerned the territory of Latvia

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