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Wooden blocks

Our main priorities were the environmental aspects at each stage of production , the ease of assembly, which also includes the possibility to move our products in the garden area or, if necessary, to a new location. The products are logically designed and light, unlimited in size - large or small, layout - square or elongated, height - low or high, they can even be designed as a wall to hide from prying eyes, for example, for smooth reading alone. Although the idea of our product is as old as the very idea of landscaping, we have taken a step forward by developing Easywood, which avoids the lifting of heavy elements, complex measuring and assembly work, and replaces it with our unique, light and simple technology. to build beds in your garden using special fasteners, simple tools and easy-to-follow instructions.


Easywood uses only FSC-certified wood and the best wood treatment currently available in terms of ecology and durability, approved by the Soil Association. All our products are painted in saturated brown, which fits any style of garden and color scheme.


We have introduced a unique ecological type of assembly with wooden pins, which, moreover, fully meets the requirements of Eastern cultures for those customers who value this aspect of life even in their garden. During our operation, we have established a large supply chain with partners in Europe and Scandinavia. Precisely calculated dimensions of wooden elements provide strength, durability, stability and aesthetics that will stand the test of time in any sense of the word.


TANALITH E wood imprignants

Easywood solid wood module production technology is designed so that the products meet the characteristics of durable wood and safe use.

The wood is treated with a copper and organic biocide (triazole) composition (TANALITH E) in a controlled, high-pressure industrial process, coating the final product with a natural brown shade selected by a special Easywood designer, which fits perfectly into any environment.

TANALITH E protection can be applied to wood used in construction, landscape design and engineering networks, as well as in places where there are special environmental requirements or restrictions. It protects wood from insect attacks and wood rot by using wood in direct and indirect contact with the ground. Worldwide, this particular form of wood protection has proven effective for 20 years.

Our finished wooden block products