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High-quality glued timber is characterized by high load-bearing capacity, dimensional stability and the ability to form wooden parts in almost any shape. Glued timber is available in a straight and curved shape, thus opening almost unlimited design freedom in the wooden structure

Curved elements

From the curved elements you can build a garden house, outdoor warehouse, etc.

A complete arch consists of two curved elements, don't requires a separate roof structure, because the curved elements form both the wall and the roof part.

It is possible to get a house frame and roof in a relatively short time - we did it in just a few hours and

no basics required. Possibilities to manipulate the length of the house, starting from 1.20  m. Building  3.10 m wide and 2.37 m high

Arc length 3816 mm,
Thickness 25 mm
Width 255 mm
Height 2370 mm
Photo 08-06-2020, 16 55 53.jpg
Arc length 3440 mm,
Thickness 30 mm
Width 145 mm
Height 2370 mm
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