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Glued laminated wood (Glulam) is a structural material produced by combining individual wood segments. When gluing with industrial adhesives (usually melamine or polyurethane resin adhesives). Suitable for use in beams, pillars, ceilings, stairs, panels and cladding. One of the great advantages of this type of construction is lightness.
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Glues, rafters, beams

Unique dimensions: Possibilities to make up to 15 m in length, thickness / width - from 50 mm to 500 mm, height - from 80 mm to 1500 mm

Dimensional stability: Humidity is 12%, + - 2%. Glued wooden beams do not twist and retain their geometric shape
Ease: this feature simplifies maintenance and assembly / disassembly. The weight of glued laminated wood is about five times less than that of concrete beams
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Environmental effects: Glued wooden beams have greater resistance to various fungi, molds and insects

High fire resistance : The wood burning process is stable and easily predictable. The design is such that the load-bearing structures of the building guarantee high fire resistance. Glued wooden elements meet all the latest and most stringent requirements, thus ensuring safe evacuation of people during a fire.
Sustainability: if properly operated, the building will last for 100+ years
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