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Profiled timber is one of the most popular finishing materials, which can be used both indoors and outdoors. We make finishing boards from spruce and pine.
Terraces and finishing boards are planed with different profiles and it is possible to finish.

Profiled timber

Thermal wood finishing boards have their advantages

-Production technology is based on heating wood to 160-220 degrees

-Heat conductivity- very suitable for rooms with a big difference between internal and external temperature, such as baths / saunas.

-No resin

-Resistant to rot

Thermal wood can be used both indoors and outdoors. Due to its properties, the material is well suited for terraces, house cladding, outdoor furniture. It can be used for floors and rooms with high humidity, such as bathrooms.

Photo 15-06-2020, 15 13 46.jpg

Benefits of choosing profiled elements

- Lightweight and durable

- Easy to install

- Several profiles available

- Unique texture

- Different types of surface coating are possible

- Adjusts the humidity level

- Improves facade thermal insulation

- Possible lengths up to 15 m


Use of:

- Facade decoration

- Interior decoration

- In saunas or saunas

- Terrace floors

Spruce / pine


Width: 105,125,145,165,185 mm

Thickness: 19 mm

Length: 5.4 m (possible up to 15 m)



Width: 145 mm

Thickness: 19 mm

Length: up to 6 meters

Wall panels

To make the interior expressive and give it a touch, it is often enough to have one accentuating element - a wall lined with wooden laths. The visual appeal of wood is not the only good feature of wood. Wooden lats wall can mask various imperfections in the existing walls, suppress various noises in the room, because wood is a good sound-insulating material, as well as will be a sustainable and ecological element of the interior. And it should be mentioned that creating a lats wall is a fairly simple and wallet-friendly solution.


Laths can be placed both across the width of the wall or only partially accentuate a specific area, such as the head of the bed. A wooden lat wall can also serve as a separating element in a room, for example, to separate a living room from a hallway or a workplace from the rest of the room, thus not losing too much daylight. To the pros, you should definitely add finishing options - you can leave it untreated, tint, paint in the desired tone to match the interior, or choose an accent color.


Thickness: Widest point 100 mm, narrowest place 70 mm

Width: 500 mm

Length: up to 15 m

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