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Standard length 13.5 m (1 - 15 m *)
Thickness 10 cm
Width (visible) 50 cm (20-70 cm *)
* Non-standard lengths available on request
Wood moisture in the production process 12% + - 2%
Planed, calibrated
Strength class - GL 24 h

Wall panels

- Possibilities to hide communications between panels, which creates a more visually attractive appearance
- Easier transportation
- little residue
- Dimensions correspond to standard processing options
- optimal heat and cold insulation
- pleasant climate
- wide application

New on the market - Veneered load-bearing structures made of glued wood!

We like to look for different solutions to develop and improve our products. A new addition to our product range is oak veneer. The finishing of panels or beams with oak veneer brings new breezes into the room and the load-bearing structures serve as an excellent addition to the interior, creating an exclusive design.

Such a solution creates an aesthetic design and saves your time, so that the construction process goes faster and the execution of interior works takes a shorter period of time.  Finishing is prepared together with the panel or brush in our factory and during the construction process you will get a ready interior finishing solution.

Different types of veneer available on request. The veneer ensures furniture quality for our product.

When installing and storing glued wood panels must take into account that the material accumulates water, such as rain or construction and can cause a large increase in humidity. In rare cases, this can change the volume of the panel, causing deformation and limiting the joining of the panels.
Glued wood panels must be protected from moisture by covering with film.
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