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Finishing of panels and beams with veneer or LuxMal Beton TG plaster  can be an excellent way to introduce new breeziness and unique design into a room. It not only stands out aesthetically, but also offers practical benefits, saving time in the construction process and allowing for faster execution of interior works.


Veneered load-bearing and non-load-bearing structures of glued wood

The finishing of panels or beams with   veneer brings new breezes into the room and the load-bearing structures serve as an excellent addition to the interior, creating an exclusive design.

Such a solution creates an aesthetic design and saves your time, so that the construction process goes faster and the execution of interior works takes a shorter period of time. The veneer is prepared together with the panel or beam in our production facility, and during the construction process you will get a ready-made interior finishing solution.

Different types of veneer available on request. The veneer ensures furniture quality for our product.

Concrete plaster for load-bearing and non-load-bearing structures of glued timber

What is LuxMal Beton TG? A thin-layer lime polymer plaster that creates the impression of monolithic concrete. The plaster forms a good bond with the wooden panel and is easy to apply. Intended for independent indoor use. Can be used for plastering walls and ceilings in residential and public spaces.


Due to its high moisture resistance and flexibility, it is suitable for rooms with increased humidity. This type of finish is easy to maintain. Textures can be changed by choosing different laying techniques.


This is an innovative solution in the existing market, as it does not require special pre-treatment of the glued wood panel. The decking is thin, but creates a feeling of monolithic concrete in the interior. The plaster is flexible, which protects against the formation of cracks.


Veneered MDF panels

A tasteful and elegant solution for interior decoration!

Choosing veneered panels will be a great alternative to conventional solutions. The wood texture will give the room a unique accent and harmoniously complement the interior.

Panel thickness -10 mm

Size - 1 m x 2.80 m

Available veneer types and thicknesses:

- Pine 0.7 mm

- European maple 0.6 mm

- Spruce 0.6 mm

- Oak 0.7 mm

- Birch 0.6 mm

- Nut 0.6 mm

Cleaning and maintenance

  • To maintain the aesthetic appearance and durability of glued wood products, regularly clean them of dust and dirt. Use a soft cloth or brush to avoid damaging the surfaces.

  • Using a soft cloth, gently wipe the surface with a mild soapy solution. Then wipe with a clean, damp cloth to remove soap residue.

Prevent moisture

  • Avoid prolonged exposure to moisture or water. Exposure to moisture can cause the adhesive to soften and spread.

  • Avoid freezing and direct sunlight. 

  • Do not keep glued wood products outside for long periods, especially in cold weather, to prevent possible damage from freezing and expansion.

  • Do not expose the product to direct and intense sunlight, as this may cause the wood to fade and crack


  • If you plan to store the glued wooden product, place it in a dry, well-ventilated area, avoiding large temperature fluctuations and humidity.

  • If possible, place the product so that it does not directly touch other objects to prevent contact damage.

Regular inspection

  • Periodically inspect the surfaces of the glued wood products to identify possible defects, cracks or separation of the glue. Identifying problems early can prevent them from getting worse.

Maintain the indoor climate

  • If possible, maintain a constant temperature and humidity level in the room where the glued wood is located. Fluctuations in temperature and humidity can cause changes and distortions in the wood.

  • Remember that proper care and storage can significantly extend the life of glulam products and preserve their attractive appearance.

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