A wood processing company was established in Latvia, with an office and production plant located in Jēkabpils. Since 2016, we have created the trademark "Easywood" - a versatile product with practically unlimited possibilities of height, width and length, as well as with easy and simple assembly technology. Easywood glued solid wood constructions allow you to build buildings in a short time, from wooden outbuildings and summer houses to residential and administrative buildings.

What are we doing ?

Easywood manufactures glued wood construction parts - Beams, rafters, floor panels, wall elements. Dry timber - Finishing boards, terrace boards, laths, wood pellets.

Our offer also includes garden objects - wooden blocks - flower boxes, benches, sandboxes and retaining walls.


Easywood both produces raw materials for home construction, and performs construction and design work related to production - assembly diagrams, technical drawings. We can provide the construction of houses up to the white finish, as well as we can perform full interior decoration according to the customer's wishes.


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Our certificates

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