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Usma's house 107 m2

Living area 80 m2, terrace and outdoor storage 27 m2

- Two bedrooms

- Living room + kitchen area

- Two open attic rooms

- Sanitary unit


Your benefits of choosing "Easywood" wooden houses:

- Construction of a house takes about 2 weeks

- Easy installation

- No additional moisture was formed in the building during construction

- Lower home foundation costs

- No extra time is required for the material to harden

- The weight of building structures reduces installation costs

- Due to the quality of the panels, the indoor walls can be left unlined

- The wood absorbs moisture and, if necessary, is able to release it, which helps to regulate the room climate

- Wood has the highest heat storage capacity

- The ducts built into the panels provide space for electrical installations, as well as additional holes are possible in almost all joints of the elements.


Manufacture of building components


Internal engineering communications

Heating - air heat pump


Windows, doors


Finish- wood panels (unpainted)

Not included:

Project coordination

Project development (building a building on your plot of land, land research)

External engineering communications (their attraction and coordination)

Furniture, kitchen and interior decoration

Kingspan Kooltherma panels are used for home insulation

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