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Usmas sauna house 107 m2

Living area 42 m2, attic rooms 26 m2, terrace 39 m2

- One bedroom

- Living room + kitchen area

- Sauna room

- Sanitary unit

- Two attic-type rooms

Your benefits of choosing "Easywood" wooden houses:

- Construction of a house takes about 2 weeks

- Easy installation

- No additional moisture was formed in the building during construction

- Lower home foundation costs

- No extra time is required for the material to harden

- The weight of building structures reduces installation costs

- Due to the quality of the panels, the indoor walls can be left unlined

- The wood absorbs moisture and, if necessary, is able to release it, which helps to regulate the room climate

- Wood has the highest heat storage capacity

- The ducts built into the panels provide space for electrical installations, as well as additional holes are possible in almost all joints of the elements.

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