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Easywood furniture

Easywood manufactures high-quality glued wood surfaces based on first-class spruce.
The glued wooden surface is resistant to load, easy to care for when handled properly and does not lose its visual appearance during intensive use, as well as easy to renew.
The table legs are made of metal and painted black. Metal parts for the dinner table and benches are made in Latvia.
Photo 01-06-2020, 11 15 26.jpg
Glued wooden board
  • The whole surface consists of wood
  • Natural wood structure
  • You can choose the most suitable shade for you
  • The surface does not wear out during intensive use
  • It is possible to restore the surface by sanding and covering with shade
  • The uniqueness of each slab is with a different structure, which provides the opportunity to create unique products.
Particleboard + laminate / veneer
  • Particleboard is used for the surface
  • Simulated wood structure or thin veneer
  • The choice of tones is limited
  • The surface may wear out during intensive use
  • Unable to restore surface
  • Laminates will be mostly the same, veneers will vary and will be more unique
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