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Glue-laminated timber elements for massive construction of timber for the application on the roof, ceilings and walls


We are pleased and proud to announce that our products will continue to be FSC® branded in the future!

The FSC® branded product is glued wood elements used in the construction of houses and houses. We certify that the wood we use is sourced from sustainably managed forests, taking into account economic, ecological and social aspects.  

We are for socially beneficial and economically viable global forest management!


License no. FSC®C175006

Products available on request.

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Mums ir lieliski jaunumi!

Mūsu sortimentam pastāvīgā ražošanā pievienojušies zāģmateriāli -dēļi, latas un brusas!

Mēs kontrolējam koku izvēli, paši zāģējam un žāvējam dēļus līdz nepieciešamajam mitruma līmenim (12% vai 18%).

Cena no 290-320 €/m3

Standarta garumi no 3 līdz 6 metri*

*Sniedzam iespēju arī materiālu pieaudzēt uz Jums nepieciešamo garumu. Maksimālais pieaudzēšanas garums 22 metri garumā!


New to the market - Veneered load-bearing glued wooden constructions!

We like to look for different solutions to develop and improve our products. The novelty we have added to our product range is oak veneer. The panel or beam finish with oak veneer brings new winds to the room and the load-bearing structures serve as a great addition to the interior creating an exclusive design.

This solution creates an aesthetic design and saves your time so that the construction process goes faster and the interior takes less time.  Veneer is prepared together with a panel or beam in our factory and during the construction process you will get a ready-made interior finishing solution.

Different types of veneer are available on request. Veneer ensures the quality of furniture for our product. 

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